Please see below the various questions SportNL has received regarding COVID. 

PH = Public Health 


What is PH’s latest position on rotation workers and their children who play sports? Are the children allowed to play?

Rotational workers are not required to self-isolate if:

  • They are a permanent resident of Newfoundland and Labrador, Fermont, or the Quebec Lower North Shore area entering the province from one of the communities along the Labrador-Quebec Border and have not travelled beyond these areas in the 14 days before entering Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • They are fully vaccinated.

Partially vaccinated and unvaccinated rotational workers are able to follow a modified self-isolation and testing protocol: While awaiting their first negative test, rotational workers following the modified self-isolation protocol should isolate away from family members as much as possible.

If at any point the rotational worker or anyone in the household develops symptoms, they must immediately isolate away from others and arrange for testing. Testing should be completed regardless of previous negative test results.

More information about rotational workers is available here:

With respect to children of rotational workers, please consider question #6 on the self-screening questionnaire:

What if someone in my house is self-isolating?

You can enter public spaces if someone in your house is self-isolating and they can isolate away from others in the house, AND they do not have symptoms. Everyone in your household must self-isolate if:

  • Someone in your house is self-isolating and they have symptoms or develop symptoms.
  • Someone in your house is self-isolating and there is no ability to isolate away from others in the house.

Household members of rotational workers can interact with others outside their household while the rotational worker is self-isolating.


Do organizations need to view identification of an individual they know?

The Special Measures Order indicates that proof of identification is required.

Does participating in activities (e.g., recreation/sport, programs/lesson, etc.,) include participating as a spectator? Or do all spectators, including those 12 -18 years old, have to show Proof of Vaccine (POV)?

All spectators aged 12 years and older need to show proof of vaccination.

Can facilities and recreation providers ask youth 12-18 years of age for proof of age?